27 Min Fat Burning Tabata Workout [No Equipment]

This is a SOLID Tabata workout designed to keep you moving for optimal fat and calorie burning! There are only 5 rounds of each movement so push the pace right out of the gates to maximize the BURN! Enjoy 🙂

0:00 Warm Up
10:00 Workout Briefing
10:30 Workout
37:00 Rest
37:30 Stretch Down
47:30 Shavasana

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: When doing any home workouts, do take precautions to exercise in a safe environment, and if you need help or you’re not seeing results, I suggest seeing a health and fitness professional to give you tailored advice on your exercise form and dietary needs. I am not a medical professional and what I share on my channel are my views and what has worked for me. Your health and safety are of the utmost importance so find out what works for you.