25 Minute Fat Burning Plyo Workout | 12 Days of FIT-mas! Day 5

Hello, hello! Today we’ll complete 3 supersets each including a plyometric and ab exercise.
I created a short and quick workout but it’s high intensity. These supersets includes intervals that increase in time from 15 seconds up to 30. You’ll feel the push and the burn as we double up on that 30 second interval.

Don’t forget that it’s day 5 of our 12 days of FITMAS Challenge. Your goal is to complete a workout 12 consecutive days in a row through the 31st. Choose another workout from our videos for this challenge if jumping is out.

Grab your water bottle and a towel and let’s get to it!

You Do You.
Find Your Challenge.

Good luck, have fun, and comment if you have any questions or let us know what you think.

Enjoy! 😅

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👉You do you
👉Make time for yourself
👉Maintain form first, then add weights
👉Don’t work through pain
👉You CAN modify
👉Love yourself❣️