25 Home Based Business Ideas (Series Intro + GIVEAWAY) | Make Money Online 2021

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Welcome to my new series — Make Money Online 2021, also my 25 days of giving. Every day this month of December 2020 I will post a video detailing one of the home based business ideas I have listed in the free download. Be sure to grab it by clicking the link provided above. I hope this helps those that are stuck on what business to create or need assistance pivoting to a new business. This will be my version, or spin off, of Vlogmas 2020! Holiday cheer but no vlogs. Follow me on instagram @theabiekamara to see vlog-like Vlogmas IGTV videos.

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25 Home Based Business Ideas (Series Intro + GIVEAWAY) | Make Money Online 2021

0:00 – Intro
1:40 – Breakdown for Videos In The Series
2:23 – List of the 25 Work From Home Business Ideas
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hey what’s up friends this is your girl Abie 
and welcome to the very first episode of make  
money online 2021. A new series that i’ll be doing 
throughout all of December where i share with you  
25 different ways that you can make money online 
in 2021. so every day from now through Christmas i  
will be bringing you a new way and so be sure to 
subscribe and hit that notification bell so you  
don’t miss any of the videos from the series. 
i have a lot of good information for you guys  
and also i have not one but three giveaways going 
on this month for amazon gift cards so be sure to  
stick around till the end of each video in the 
series so you can find out how you can be one of  
the three lucky winners to get you an amazon gift 
card. get you a little bit of shopping money for  
the season – you know that’s always needed. so 
this series is actually based on a free download  
i created towards the beginning of this year that 
people just seemed to like and were downloading  
so i figured you know why not just expand on it 
and give you a little bit more information on  
the different ideas i listed because i know a lot 
of people especially this year, this 2020 year,  
have been looking for ways on how to make money 
online or just even how you know to make a little  
bit of extra cash on the side; like a little side 
hustle, but just don’t really know where to start.  
and that’s probably why this download was so 
popular, so i got you. i will leave the link  
in the description box for this pdf if you want 
to download it and follow along or skip ahead.  
i will leave it below you can check it out. so in 
each video in this series i will be breaking down  
one way that you can make money online this next 
coming year in 2021. and i mean break it down  
break it down because that’s just the way i like 
to do things and if you are returning then you  
already, you should know me by now. if you are new 
welcome be sure to subscribe and stick around i  
got a lot of good stuff coming up and just join my 
internet family. why not? you’re already here. so  
in each of the videos i will go over just a brief 
description or a brief intro of what the idea is  
in case you’re unfamiliar. i’ll go over the pros 
the cons what it takes to get started, the cost  
of getting started, tips for success, and also any 
other resources that i have that have helped me.  
and i figured this will be my Christmas gift to 
you. you’re welcome. and which is why i’m also  
calling this my 25 days of giving because i want 
to help you out as much as i can and i really hope  
that you take something away from this. okay okay 
so let me just go ahead and share with you the  
25 different ideas or different ways that you can 
make money online that i will be sharing with you  
over time; over the next 25 days. and yeah i’ll 
just list them out. so i will be going over  
consulting or coaching, online courses, 
digital products, affiliate marketing,  
social media influencer, a social media manager, 
youtube, blogging, print on demand, drop shipping,  
a thrifting business, a craft business, virtual 
assistant, event planner, vacation planner,  
web designer, graphic designer, freelance writer, 
online tutor, data entry, transcription, makeup  
artist, photographer, food servicer, and finally 
a cleaning business. so now my recommendation for  
you with all of this is that you only choose 
one to get started. you know don’t be like me  
and try and do as much as you can because 
you will get overwhelmed. you will get tired  
real quick trust me on that one. take the 
information i’m giving you, choose one; focus on  
one and just give it 10 times your effort. give it 
10 times the effort and you will see success in it  
in 2021. so yeah just because i’m giving you 25 
different ways that you can make money online  
doesn’t mean you need to get up and do all of them 
okay. i just wanted to put that out there right  
now. now i do want to mention that i do also offer 
strategy calls where i can help you get started  
in your business, help you get organized 
or just with your marketing efforts  
and i’m giving a special 25% discount for those 
of you that do watch this series. all you have to  
do is click the link below and you will get the 
automatic discount or you can insert the code  
CALL25 when you check out from my website. now one 
other thing i don’t know if you noticed it all…
but i do have a holiday theme going on here. 
because you know with everything that happened  
this year, 2020 was a tough year, i wanted to 
just end the year by doing something fun on my  
platform. so we are going to be celebrating the 
holidays together and each day in the videos of  
this series i will try to bring a little bit 
of holiday cheer to you. now be sure to give  
this video a thumbs up if you are excited about 
the series as i am if you can’t already tell.  
subscribe and hit that notification bell so 
you don’t miss any of the videos and comment  
below let me know what you think of the series or 
what you’re looking forward to most. which one of  
the ideas you’re looking forward to most thank 
you for watching i’ll catch you next time bye.