25 Fat Burning Slam Ball Exercises | Mirafit

25 Fat Burning Slam Ball Exercises | Mirafit

We’ve teamed up with Jay from LIFE The Fitness Company to take you through 25 slam ball exercises for the ultimate fat-burning workout.

A slam ball is designed for repeated slamming on solid surfaces and is perfect for improving functional fitness levels.

The sand-filled ball prevents bouncing and rolling in between slams, while the tyre tread pattern provides an improved grip and durability.

Follow along with Jay to get a great workout that’s easy to replicate at home or in the gym.

In the workout, we cover:
1) Russian twists
2) Front raises
3) Toe taps
4) Wood-choppers
5) Curtsy squats
6) Zercher squats
7) Lunge and twist
8) Power slams
9) Sit up and shoulder press
10) Overhead squat
11) Leg hold
12) Kneeling slams
13) Slam and burpee
14) Wall sit
15) Hip bridge and overhead
16) Side to side push-up
17) Plank on the ball
18) Squat and upward throw
19) Jumping lunges
20) Jumping squats
21) Figure of eight
22) Decline push-ups
23) Tricep push up
24) Kneeling lean back
25) Roll up to push up

Want a slam ball of your own? Get your Tyre Tread Non-Bounce Slam Ball here: http://bit.ly/2NLbk1T

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