20Min Full Body HIIT Workout – Fat Burning Pyramid Workout for You at Home

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Welcome back to a brand new 20Min Full Body HIIT pyramid workout for you at home. This workout is perfect for you if you want to do a very intense, workout and burn lots of calories.
This pyramid workout consists of seven different interval units. Because of the short (30 seconds) but very intense interval units, the fat metabolism is boosted. This increases the afterburn effect so that we burn calories even after the workout.
During the “breaks” we incorporate active recovery exercises that help us build muscle. This leads to an increase in the total metabolic rate in our body. Consequently, we burn more calories.

My workouts are ideal for doing at home to join in. No matter if beginner, advanced or professional, thanks to the different levels of difficulty there is something for everyone. Let’s strengthen and tighten our muscles together and work on a nice, upright posture. Thank you for your time 🕙 and your sweat 💦. Enjoy the video! 🙂 💪
Training equipment: no equipment

👉👉👉 Chapters 👈 👈 👈
00:00 – 02:21 Intro
02:22 – 07:26 Warm Up
07:27 – 18:38 Pyramid Workout
18:39 – 21:35 Stretching
21:36 – 22:07 Outro

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