20 Minute HIIT & Abs Workout / Fat Burning Home HIIT with Laura @ RBHF

20 Minute HIIT & Abs Workout / Fat Burning Home HIIT with Laura @ RBHF


Join Laura for a fast paced, equipment free, 20 minutes Fat Burning, HIIT (High intensity interval training cardio workout. Designed to raise your heart rate and work your abdominals!

This workout consists of 20 exercises and each exercise is performed for 45 seconds and run through just once so there is no time to get bored! The exercises performed in this routine are:

1) Jumping Jacks
2) Double Crunch
3) Bear Crawl Jump
4) V-Sit
5) Squat 3,2,1& Jump
6) Bike Crunch
7) Bounce Squat + Punching Jacks
8) Reverse Curl + Slow Leg Drop
9) Mountain Climber + Burpee
10) Up, Down V-Sit Crunch
11) Lateral Jump
12) Oblique Crunch
13) Bunny Hop Press
14) Crab Crunch
15) Sprint & Jump
16) Toe Touchers
17) Shuffle + Jumping Lunge
18) Russian Twist
19) In & Out Squat
20) Abdominal Pulse

Bonus: Flutter

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Laura and Ant x
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