20 MIN STANDING LEGS + FAT BURN: Serious Workout for Weight Loss // No Repeat, No Equipment HIIT

Today’s daily home workout is a brand new 20 minute standing legs and fat burn workout! This is a serious workout for weight loss! This is a no repeat, no equipment HIIT workout (high intensity interval training) workout with standing beginner movements done intensely for maximum fat burn and weight loss in 20 min! I make real-time free online fitness classes that can be done anytime, anywhere! I post a new workout and flexibility routine every day! All of the workouts and stretching videos are completely free and can be done without equipment, because they use only your own body weight! Join me on my daily home fitness series on YouTube starting January 1st 2020! I am so excited to workout with you! Subscribe to get flexy and strong!

I am a group fitness trainer, former Level 9 competitive gymnast and semi-professional athlete in the sport of fitness. I have worked as a NASM certified personal trainer and CrossFit level 1 group fitness instructor. I also have a bachelor’s degree in sport and exercise psychology. I am so excited to share my knowledge with you to help you move better and accomplish your fitness goals!

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