What’s up everyone! Welcome back! In today’s video, we are going to perform a 20 min intense fat burning tabata cardio workout! Tabata style workouts are my absolute favorite! Simple but effective! Make sure to follow along because we are going to be moving at a quick pace, with only :10 seconds of rest in between exercises.

*Try this 5 min warm up first: https://youtu.be/mt7vAQY8Neg

*Do this 10 min mobility stretch routine after: https://youtu.be/uhtxyvY9AI8

Below are the 8 exercises we will be performing in this workout…..
1. Jumping Jack Flys (1:24)
2. Sprawl (1:54)
3. Reverse Lunge + Kick (R) (2:24)
4. Reverse Lunge + Kick (L) (2:54)
5. Switch Step Mountain Climbers (3:24)
6. Alternating V-ups (3:54)
7. High Plank Knee Tucks (4:24)
8. Pulsing Sumo Squat Punches (4:54)

Hope you enjoy this 20 minute full body routine, and hope to see you all back on the next video. Thank you all for the continuous love and support. LETSGO!

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