2 Exercises to Build Bigger Bicep Peaks With Victor Martinez

IFBB Pro Victor Martinez knows a thing or two about building biceps. In this video Victor shares his two favorite exercises to build the peak. Give them a shot and let us know what you think!

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hello muscle and strength this is Victor
Martinez MuscleMeds athlete I’m about
to give you some of the best exercises
to create that peak in your biceps okay
everyone here we go peak for the bicep
everybody’s always focused so much on
mass on getting that shape but peak is
what actually gives that bicep that nice
portrait of a look so now this is one of
the exercises that I really love to do
again most people do alternate curls one
at a time but I like to focus on one
side for peak now when you curl it same
thing except I give myself an angle get
more of a full range of motion here so
that’s why the slight angle and once you
start curling it remember you twist that
wrist and make sure the pinkie gives you
that one high twist and the pink is
always higher and on the release go
down but you don’t straighten out you just
go low enough where you keep constant
okay remember these are not compound
movement this is for peak for the shape
of the bicep
barbell curls preacher curls alternate
curls those are the bread and butter of
biceps but without the peak you don’t
have that visual effect of big biceps so
this is another one right here
reverse preacher this one again notice
slight curl
I’m not directly putting it straight
because if I straighten out my arm in
order to lift I’m using that tendon that
bicep tendon want to avoid that curl
this restricts you from swinging elbows
and using too much of your back so very
strict movement
okay everybody thanks for watching those
are my favorite bicep exercises now you
want more tips please subscribe to the
channel below

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