2 A.M. | A Lofi Hip Hop and Chillstep Mix [Sleep/Study/Homework Music]

2 A.M. | A Lofi Hip Hop and Chillstep Mix [Sleep/Study/Homework Music]


1 hour of lofi hip hop, chillstep and other chill music genres. This is a mix you can use to sleep, study, do homework or just relax. As some of you guys know I’ve always been a sucker for chill music and this lofi hip hop and chillstep mix has been a long time coming. Remember to leave a like, comment and share this video around! That would mean the world to me and the artists involved in this.

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0:00 Kayou. – I don’t wanna be
3:11 Vesky – With You
6:16 Kayou – I had a memory so painful it made me cry
9:45 Marion – Daydreaming
14:00 CMA – Elsewhere
17:35 Poolz – Home
21:34 Hateful – Forever
22:46 Aurai & Vesky – Leavetakings
26:29 Delectatio – Forgiving Yourself
30:58 Michael FK – Empyrean
36:33 Vesky – Seeker
40:28 Poolz – She’s gone
44:29 October Child – Prudence
47:44 AK – Salt Water
50:55 Hateful – what if it ends
53:14 Michael FK – Vacuum
57:48 Kisnou – In The Origin, We Breathe
Picture By Klegs
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/klegs/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/klegsart/

Picture: https://www.deviantart.com/klegs/art/12AM-2-791056268
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