This is a bodyweight, no equipment, super sweaty, can be done anywhere, follow me along, kind of a workout.

It has no warm up so either use my other Youtube videos to activate your muscles (I suggest &Mobility drills) or do it on your own.

More important: PAY ATTENTION TO THE FORM. I know, I am super boring repeatedly writing this, but hey – it’s important. Yes? Mui mui importante! (Like I know Spanish – which I don’t, but it sounds serious. And cool. K. I’m gonna stop babbling #lol).

Perform each exercise for 45sec and then rest for 15sec.
Upon finishing round 1 (all 7 exercises) rest for 60 seconds and go for round 2.

If you feel energised and fit enough to perform it technically correct, by all means do a third or even a fourth round. BAM! 🔥

1. Knee hits
2. Traveling plank shoulder taps
3. Leg circle squat (progression: + pencil squat jumps)
4. Half Burpee Side plank (progression: arms above the head)
5. “Runner” abs (each side)
Regression: legs on the flor
Progression: use a weight and hold it with both arms on your chest
6. 2x reverse table + 4x cross arm-leg touches
7. One legged heel glute bride (each side)
Regression: do it with tho legs on the floor
Progression: do it with one leg on a chair/bench/couch

P.s. Always check in with your doctor before undertaking a new training regime particularly if you are pregnant, haven’t worked out for a while or you had an injury or illnes and are in recovery.

Let’s go sweat together!