15 MINUTE HIIT WORKOUT- Intense Fat Burning | No Equipment

15 MINUTE HIIT WORKOUT- Intense Fat Burning | No Equipment


Amazing fat killer workout for toned thighs, glutes and core. These exercises will reshape your lower body, get rid of cellulite and tone your thighs flatten your tummy. You don’t need to spend hours doing cardio, then lower body strength. The secret to have a quick fat burn plus firming, toning workout at the same time is High Intensity Interval style training.
It is a great way to improve your cardio fitness and burn lots of calories and fat. This High-Intensity Interval Training: alternates between intense burst of activity (30 sec) and complete rest (30 sec). This particular workout targets your legs and core.

Scientifically proven benefits of HIIT training:
– 2 weeks of HIIT improves your aerobic capacity as much as 6-8 weeks of endurance training
-not only do you burn calories during the HIIT workout but you burn more fat even hours later
-the weight loss comes from fat stores without losing muscles mass
-you increase your metabolism
-it slows down the aging process

There are other benefits:
-you can do it anywhere
-seriously challenging
-you do not need space or equipment
(this video was filmed outdoor but you can easily do it inside

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I strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before doing any exercise in this video. To do any exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do at your own risk.

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