15 Minute Fat Burning Routine || Home Exercises (Level – 3)|| Saurabh Sethi

15 Minute Fat Burning Routine || Home Exercises (Level – 3)|| Saurabh Sethi

15 minutes of progressive full body workout routine for intermediate LEVEL-3 to strengthen their muscles and to maximize fat burning effect at their best (while keeping it safe).

Important note: Warming up before training is important. I would recommend everyone to spend at least 5-10 minutes doing some dynamic warm up on light to moderate intensity. I would personally go through 1 round of any of this routine with slow and easy effort before I officially start pushing myself harder in the first round onward. After each round. Pause the video take 1 minutes rest, take 2 minute if necessary or you can go without taking any break if you find this workout routine is too easy.
This video is offered to the public for information and awareness purposes only.
Neither the producer and presenter shall be held liable for any damages arising

directly or indirectly from use of this information.

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