15 Min INTENSE Fat Burn NO REPEAT HIIT Workout | 2 Week Shred Program – Day 4 | No Equipment

Day 4, intense fat burn/ NO REPEAT HIIT workout workout, of my BRAND NEW AT HOME 2 WEEK SHRED (For Fat Loss) workout program, to celebrate the launch of DAILY WORKOUTS every single week – here on my YouTube channel! Check in with me Monday- Friday, for a structure workout plan and your very own FREE ONLINE TRAINER 💜💜💜

✚For this cardio workout you will need (begins 00:00.51):
A Drink
A Mat (If you need one)

✚Make sure you drop all your questions and comments in the box below – I always try to answer all my comments and my favourites this week (that I think will help the whole community) will appear in a Q&A video on nutrition & fitness.

✚Check out the full program for the next 2 weeks here:

✚Today’s workout plan:
Squat Elbow to Knee
Up Down Plank Climbers
Squat Heel Ups
Lying Down Crunches
2 Point Left Lunge
2 Point Right Lunge
Plank Kick Back Pulses
Stand Up and Down
Negative Press Ups
Sit Up Punches
Squat Pulses
Plank to Pike
Mat Hops
Crab Walks
Lunge Jumps Finisher!

✚Music thanks to NCS CopyRight Free Tracks
Check them out:

I’m so passionate about making us all healthy and fit in this community. I really want to share my knowledge so YOU have the tools to control your health and body. There are so many myths out there in fitness & nutrition, and I just want to show you that you can’t beat going back to basics – you don’t need any fancy equipment or a special diet plan. You just need to love working out as part of a long term sustainable healthy routine. Do you struggle to lose fat and feel toned? Follow my daily workout plan, which is careful thought out to provide a balanced workout to your whole body. Tone up, Lose Fat and Burn that belly fat! Combined with healthy and balanced nutrition, you will yield great results!

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