15 MIN EXTREME FULL BODY WORKOUT // sweaty & fat burning for legs, upper body + abs! (No equipment)

❀ Welcome back everyone!! This week’s video is this sweaty fun full body routine that targets all big muscle groups while burning fat!! sounds incredible doesn’t it??
This is perfect for days in which you don’t want to have a long workout but still want it to be effective and get your heart rate up!! a quick 15 min session and then you’re free to get on with your day!
it requires no equipment too!

❀ this workout is great to pair with No Jumping Cardio – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEqlGXmx-Ug&t=20s for an awesome full body cardio day!

❀ As always, this routine is built of 30 seconds for each exercise! If you feel like you need to take a break at any time, do so! But as soon as you feel ready to return, get back into it with me 🙂
I promise if you stick to it, you’ll improve with time!

I hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know in the comments below if there are any specific routines you’d like to see, I’m here for you.

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❀ I highly recommend doing a warm up before your workout & some stretches afterwards.

The key to achieving your best shape is consistency! Make yourself proud and upgrade your life by integrating fitness and health into your routine.
You can always contact me for advice or questions.
I believe in you,

❀ Music used in this video: (by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/ )
00:00-03:12 Up and Try – DJ Mayson
03:13-06:09 Sweat on Me (Trice Remix) – Tape Machines feat. Trice, Vicki Vox
06:11-09:21 On Our Minds – Mindme feat. Cleo Kelley
09:22-12:21 Everybody – Elijah N
12:22-15:00 Be My Parachute – Basixx feat. Mia Pfirrman
15:01-16:02 Shot Away – Siine feat. Willow

❀ Disclaimer:
Your health and safety are top priority. By performing this workout with no professional supervision, you are responsible for your performance and its effects on your health, to avoid injury check with your doctor for health restrictions prior to exercising. By training with this video – you are training at your own risk. Noam Achrak will not be held responsible for any injuries or harm that may have resulted from this video.