✨ Here’s a quick 14 Minute intense fat-burning HIIT workout, there’s no equipment needed and it can be done anywhere!

✨ This workout is for an intermediate level or an advanced beginner.

✨ 3 rounds of none stop work, 30 seconds on / 15 seconds rest, with no rest in between sets, get ready to sweat and work hard for a full 14 minutes 💦

Exercises are:
Squat Kicks
Star jumps with a narrow jump
High Knees
Shuffle run Burpee
Power Squats
Plank toe taps with 4 mountain climbers

Repeat 2 more rounds 💦

✨Pair this HIIT workout with my Upper Body Blast for a full 40 Minute session – https://youtu.be/R3PSu9hkugo

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✨ Wearing @Gymshark Black Speed shorts and white Ruched Training Sports bra and white Addidas Trainers.

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