12 Tips for a Fat Burning Diet

12 Tips for a Fat Burning Diet


12 Tips for a Fat Burning Diet
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Have you tried to lose weight and failed? Have you ever started a diet that seemed to work well in the beginning but suddenly you found that you didn’t lose weight anymore? If so than you are not alone. The human body’s metabolism makes weight loss difficult. In fact losing weight is a complicated process. It is a complex inter-play of many biochemical metabolic processes. The argument that a negative caloric diet could lead to automatic loss of weight is too simplistic and does not apply to all.

Many people who stick to a calorie-reduced diet don’t lose weight as fast as they think they should. That’s because they activate metabolic protection. Their body senses starvation and shuts down fat burning in order to conserve fat as an emergency energy source. Hence the key to losing weight is to induce the body to turn on its metabolic processes in particular the fat burning metabolism.

The key to doing that should involve three interrelated processes namely:

o Conditioning the body for optimal fat burning

o Reducing fat absorption from other sources and inducing

o Triggering the body’s natural fat burning metabolism

Don’t worry is this sound complicated. The above information has been condensed in the form of 12 easy tips to promote the body to burn fat all day long and thus lose weight easily.

Tip 1 Do not go hungry

While it is true that you need to cut down your caloric intake you should not cut down too drastically so much so that you feel hungry. It’s a good idea to have an idea of how much calorie you need to consume given your weight in order to spread your spread consumption adequately throughout the day. Excessive caloric reduction could cause the body metabolism to hit the brakes. It will also begin to break down muscle tissue for energy. The best strategy would be to eat just enough so that you are not hungry but at the same time induce the body to increase its metabolism. A midmorning snack and mid-afternoon snack of about 150 calories will do the trick.

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