12 Minutes HIIT Workout Full Body for Fat Loss | Fat Burning Workout |No Need Equipment | Home/Gym

Super Sweaty High Intensity Interval Training Workout, no equipment required and you can do anywhere (Indoor or Outdoor). You can follow up with this workout because these exercises are easy to perform and effective to burn your body fat. The 12 minutes HIIT workout: Performed each exercise for 30 sec and followed by 15 sec rest. It’s includes three round and its a circuit, so we performed exercise 1, move 2, move 3, move 4, move 5, move 6 and then repeat.

1 – Jumping Jacks
2 – High knees + Pacer Steps
3 – Ski Hops
4 – Climbers
5 – Plank
6 – Flutter kicks Squats

Once you complete the workout never forget to stretch!

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