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How to install MinePi, Step by Step Procedure: https://youtu.be/Y956HbnBN64

Pi Network : World’s only cryptocurrency that you can mine on your phone; अब बनेगा पैसा। https://youtu.be/76PVvAnqHFY

Pi Coin – Now you can mint cryptocurrency on your phone and that too by work just 10 seconds/day. https://youtu.be/gzYx8KnhWIA

Pi Coin – Myths & Reality. It’s Safe and Pi is not a scam. https://youtu.be/NfepAKXB9jI

क्यों जरूरी है मज़बूत Security Circle, Pi माइनिंग में! अपना मजबूत बनाये, ignore ना करें। Pi Network. https://youtu.be/6JveBSwxVZ0

How to Verify Phone Number on Pi Network. कैसे करें फ़ोन नंबर वेरीफाई Pi Network पर! https://youtu.be/XZs3GKZnnWw

95% लोग कर रहे है गलती! कहीं आपने तो नहीं कोई गल्ती, Pi Network पर अपना नाम रजिस्टर करते हुए! https://youtu.be/WrydBXYp104

Pi Network KYC – What you need to do? क्या चाहिए होगा Pi KYC करवाने के लिए ! https://youtu.be/SBBcbDVJULw

क्या गलती कर रहे हैं सब, ना करके Pi Network और बीच में ही माइनिंग छोड़कर? आंखें खोल देगा यह वीडियो!

कैसे बदलें फेसबुक और Pi Network पर अपना नाम! How to Change your Name on Facebook & Pi? https://youtu.be/UERObhlIyUk

Pi Network. Last Chance to be a part of next 3 million Pioneer. पैसा कमाने का आखिरी मौका! https://youtu.be/mqsVWqViVas

Pi Network Crypto. Do not do these 3 mistakes. ना करें भूल के भी यह ३ गलतियाँ Pi माइन करते हुए! https://youtu.be/-9hVPnj2jxo

How much is 1 Pi Worth in Future. One Pi can change Life of Your Family. Pi Network Cryptocurrency. https://youtu.be/Ray1py4UV7o

क्या होगा अगर जिसने आपको Pi Network पर Invite किया हो और माइनिंग बंद कर दे तो, अपना KYC ना करवाए तो! https://youtu.be/HbWGXzOmD-w

Pi Network. ; Pi कॉइन्स को माइन करते समय इन बातों पर ध्यान देना ना भूलें ! Pi Coins, अब बनेगा पैसा।

Pi Network, Don’t do these 5 mistakes while mining. यह 5 गलतियां पड़ सकती हैं भारी Piमाइनिंग के दौरान ; https://youtu.be/vJYNeML0jlY

Pi Network Cryptocurrency. क्या होगी भविष्य में एक Pi की कीमत. How much 1 Pi Worth in Future. https://youtu.be/7kQRbjk1Wks

Pi Network. आखिरी मौका है आमिर बनने का, 800 करोड़ लोग है लाइन में! Start your Pi Mining now. https://youtu.be/jqQCPPF-psA

कैसे बनेगा Pi जीरो से हीरो और कितनी होगी इसकी कीमत! How Pi Cryptocurrency will become Zero to Hero? https://youtu.be/6FWIjwSD5Zc

Pi network is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. For a limited time, you can join via pi network invitation to earn Pi and help grow the pi network. To join Pi network, follow this link https://minepi.com/sushantbakshi and use my username (SUSHANTBAKSHI) at your invitation code OR download minepi from google playstore, install it on your phone using facebook option and use my invitation code to enter mining process.

Quick start Guide
Click the link: https://minepi.com/sushantbakshi
Or go to App Store, type “Pi network” to download and install.
Click on the Pi application installed, then go to “Continue with phone number”.
Or “Continue with facebook”.

Enter the password for the account (minimum 8 characters, 1 uppercase letter and 1 number).
Enter “first name” and “last name”.
In the “Choose username” field, enter your account name, remember to write immediately without diacritics (eg alice).
In the “invitation code” field, enter “SUSHANTBAKSHI” and press submit.

NOTE: Remember, after 24h your Pi will Stop. So you must open your Pi and remine it. Do it for once day.

Your earning team consists of the people you invite and the person who invited you. You can use this to boost your earnings, by 0.29 Pi per hour per person, max of 5 people. With a full earning team, you can earn 0.39 Pi per hour. In addition, people that are earning (that you invited) will give you a 0.1 boost, per person, unlimited!

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