10 Minute HIIT FAT BURNING workout | Quick CALORIE KILLER Workout | No Equipment Needed

10 Minute HIIT FAT BURNING workout | Quick CALORIE KILLER Workout | No Equipment Needed


08 January 2020

*Read Me First*

Happy Friday and we are back beautiful people, but this time with a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout! I absolutely loooove HIIT workouts, especially on days when I’m just not feeling a cardio sesh. This HIIT will help you to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time so this workout is perfect to squeeze in if you do not have a lot of time on your hands but would still love to work towards your body and health goals.
In this workout we will have workouts that will bring our heart rate up and a rest period in order to bring that heart rate down again. Each Interval will be 30 seconds on and 20 seconds rest. My legs were kind of not co-operating because I ran the day before for the Nike Run Club – You Can’t Be Stopped Challenge, but that won’t stop us from smashing this workout!!! You do not need any equipment for this workout. You will only need water, a mat and yourself.
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Tips For The Workouts:
1.) Always engage your core when completing ALL of the workouts (especially during the planks) and your glutes ( especially during workouts such as the squats, lunges and burpees). Engaging your core and glutes is very important. With the jumping workouts make each jump explosive, but be sure to land softly.
2.) For the high knees I realized that I was leaning a bit too far back, so please do not make the same mistake. Form is very important. I don’t know how I lost the plot on that one, lol.
3.) SMILE, I swear it makes the workouts so much better.
4.) Push yourself, but don’t be hard on yourself, you are trying your best and will get stronger with time. I am also still working on getting stronger myself.
5.) Form is important. Quality over quantity always and I also want you to perform each workout safely.
6.) Enjoy yourself!!!
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