10 minute Fat Burning Workout | FAT BURNING CARDIO | Burn Calories in 10 min (DAY 6 of 14)

Today we are doing a short and sweet 10 minute fat burning cardio workout to burn some serious calories and to lose fat. This is also a day 6 of our New Year 14 Day Workout Challenge.

In just 10 minute, we will be sweating away lots of calories and fat from our body and get our heart pumping. For some of the higher impact exercises, there are low impact modification included as well.

Below is 10 exercises we will do here:

1) Side Twist w/ Knee to Elbow
2) Jump Rope Skip
3) Squat Hold to Walking Burpee
4) Bicycle Crunch
5) Jumping Skater Lunge
6) Inchworm to Pushup
7) Alternating Diagonal Jumping Jacks
8) Squat to Diagonal Punch
9) Hopscotch
10) Mountain Climber

Let’s get our sweat on!! 🔥🔥

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