10-Minute Body Weight Workout | Fat-Burning Ab Quick Shot

10-Minute Body Weight Workout | Fat-Burning Ab Quick Shot

“Work hard to achieve your dreams. Don’t let discouragement or mistakes delay you. Move outside your comfort zones. Push yourselves. Expect more. You can move beyond the limitations set by ordinary men. Don’t let the low standards and expectations of the world and others cause you to aim beneath your nobility and ability—dream big!” —Elaine S. Dalton

Do you ever skip workouts because you just don’t have the time? This fat-burning ab workout is something you can do at home in 10 minutes. No excuses!

The secret is that you need to do this workout with no rest breaks. Abs are an endurance muscle, so if you want to burn the fat and get definition and strength you need to push them to failure.

For this fat-burning ab workout, you can do whatever combination of movements feels good to you. I used a combination of jiu jitsu drills and traditional body weight workout movements.

Do as many as you can, then immediately transition into the next exercise with no rest!

Drop falls
Body weight kick throughs
Hip escapes
Squat jacks
Ski jumps/lunges
Push ups
Side plank with dips
Reverse squat shuffle
Lateral squat shuffle alternating sides

Put a combination together and make it your own. Whatever you do, don’t stop! Transition into the next exercise immediately with no rest. Make sure each movement is in perfect form. When it becomes challenging, just dig deep, stay focused on the technique, and move onto the next exercise. When the 10 minutes is done, it’s a wrap!

Remember working out is not an option. What you do for your workout is. And when you don’t feel like working out, it’s not about what you do, it’s how you do it. Just get it in and do it right!

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