10 min FULL BODY FAT BURNING HIIT (No Equipment ) | Adaure Osuala

Who is ready for a KILLER routine? on a good note: it’s only 10 minutes, lets give it our best 😊
#hiit #fullbody routine #homeworkout #burn calories

A 10min routine is a killer burns lots of calories and you will certainly break a sweat with this one❣️

This workout is filled with :
1. movements that will work your overall body muscles.
2. a mix out of “QUICK MOVEMENTS” and “10 sec rest”.
Lets have some fun with it😊💕


Adaure strongly recommends consulting with your physician, before starting any physical activities or exercise program ,as she is no medical professional in diagnosing,examining or treating any medical condition of any kind or knowing the effect of any exercise on a medical condition.
you should be in good health/ physical conditions before engaging in this workout. .
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