10 min Fat Burning Morning Routine + 6pack Abs

10 min Fat Burning Morning Routine + 6pack Abs



Everyone has an engine. Your engine determines how much you can take, how long can you drive on, what you can push through and what can stop you. My goal with training and my goal with life is to build an engine that endures. Here the engine I talk about is the heart, which is the most important muscle.

Honestly, when I’m depressed I usually go for a run on the beach and ever since I started sprinting up, the explosiveness in my legs went off the charts. My legs have never been so functional with so much agility and mobility. This being said, if you haven’t implemented sprints in your routine I highly recommend you to do so.

I also do some skipping rope which has some major benefits like improving cardiovascular health, breathing efficiency and coordination.
Doesn’t matter if you are bulking, cutting or maintaining, cardio sessions are essential, you can’t build muscle efficiently with slow metabolism or high body fat level.
I usually do some abs and core exercices with conscious contraction after cardio, keeping it simple and consistent.

When you feel down, go out and move, aim to do something that will push you forward. Movement is health, movement is life.
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