10 min FAT BURNING CARDIO WORKOUT (EMOM) | Christmas Cardio 2020

10 min FAT BURNING CARDIO WORKOUT, CHRISTMAS THEMED. ! I hope you all enjoy my 2020 holiday workout in an EMOM style!

This workout is guaranteed to make you SWEAT and make your muscles BURN LIKE CRAZY! This is a EMOM styled workout, guaranteed to make you CRY. I recommend doing this workout THREE TIMES (30 minutes total) for a FULL BODY BURN. I hope you all have fun before the holidays come up!

EMOM is Every Minute on the Minute, which means you will be given ONE MINUTE to do the given number of repetitions and rest until the minute is complete! This style of workout is so fun, so I hope you all can enjoy it with me!

**I AM IN A PLACE WITH LITTLE OR NO WIFI FOR MY JOB. I MAY NOT REPLY AS QUICKLY. BUT I AM SO FREAKIN THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE!!** (the content for the next month was batch created so it may seem out of order!)

I hope you all enjoy this FAT BURNING CARDIO WORKOUT (Christmas themed) as an EMOM STYLE in 2020.

Thank you so much, and I hope you all have a GREAT HOLIDAY! Be thankful for your friends and family!

Music by ninjoi. – Deck the Halls – https://thmatc.co/?l=7EC6803D
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