10 BEST Exercises for WIDER BICEPS!

These are 10 amazing exercises for wider biceps and thicker-looking arms. Learn exactly how to get a bigger wider bicep from the front fast. Use a couple of these exercises for an excellent big arms workout. Many men struggle with narrow arms even if they are growing the peak. This video will help you fix it.

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If you want your biceps to fill out your t-shirts, and look great not only from the side but also from the front, then you have to train them in a way that not only helps them grow taller but also gets them to grow wider and thicker. And Unfortunately, most guys don’t realize that repeating the same common bicep curling exercises will only target one part of their biceps potentially helping that part grow bigger, but not really helping their arms grow wider. This is because the appearance of your bicep isn’t just determined by one single muscle. You see the bicep itself has two heads including the long head on the outside of your arm, which makes up the majority of the peak and the shorthead on the inside which helps provide thickness. But The other often-overlooked muscle that is largely responsible for width and thickness is the brachialis which sits right behind the long head of the bicep and even though it’s hidden under the bicep, from a front angle the belly of the brachialis actually protrudes out the side of your arm, so training the brachialis with the right exercises will help directly increase the width of your arms. That’s why for our first exercise I want to show you one of my favorite ways to target the brachialis, and that’s by using the hammer curl bar also known as a tricep bar. Now if you don’t have this barbell at your gym I’m going to show you another way you can do this in a sec, but most gyms will have it. So to begin this exercise you would load up the bar, and grab it by the neutral grips in the center of the bar. Then stand up, lean slightly forward and while keeping your elbows fixed close to your sides curl the bar up towards your chest. Now Once you get to the top of the contraction you want to squeeze your biceps for a second before slowly returning the barbell back down and repeating for reps. Since we’re using a barbell we do want to go heavy but make sure that the weight isn’t so heavy that you’re swinging backward to gather momentum for each rep and make sure that you’re not cheating by raising your elbows forward and using your shoulder strength instead of your brachialis. Now in general Curling with your hands in a neutral, and pronated position rather than the more common supinated position will help target your brachialis to a much greater extent. That’s why our second exercise uses that same neutral hand placement, it’s the alternating crossbody hammer curl and for this one you don’t need a fancy bar, you only need two dumbbells. To get started you would grab dumbbells and hold them in a neutral position at your sides. Once again you want to lean slightly forward to help take your shoulder out of the movement and to put more constant tension on the brachialis. Then you would curl the dumbbell up, but rather than coming straight up for a regular hammer curl you’re going to come across your body aiming to bring the dumbbell up to your opposite pec. Then slowly lower the dumbbell back down and repeat the same thing on the other side, alternating back and forth for reps. Another great exercise that follows a similar movement pattern involves the use of a cable machine and the rope attachment. Now, most people perform this exercise by gripping the rope with a neutral hand position and then curling the rope up and down. But I find it a lot more effective to do it either on an incline or by just using one arm at a time because that will once again allow you to come all the way across your body. So to perform this exercise with one arm you would use the same rope attachment but only grab it with one hand. Then you would curl across your body aiming to bring the rope to your opposite pec just like we did with the dumbbells before. On the other hand, If you want to do this exercise on an incline you would raise the pully up high and lay back on a bench that’s set to about a low 30-degree angle. Then with your elbows raised, you would hold both ends of the rope in a neutral position and then you would curl the rope in towards your face. Even though these exercises may look similar to hammer curls you’re definitely going to feel it working your brachialis a little differently because of the different angles and the unique constant tension

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