#1 Ketogenic Fat Burner

#1 Ketogenic Fat Burner


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KETO WEIGHT LOSS™ is designed for ketogenic and low-carb dieters looking to increase fat-burning power. When
following these diets, the body goes through a transition from burning glucose (sugar) for fuel to burning fat for fuel.
During this phase, known as keto adaptation, you may feel unmotivated, tired and lose focus (sometimes known as
the keto flu). KETO WEIGHT LOSS™ was created to help fight these unwanted side effects, while assisting your body in
torching fat.


By combining caffeine, beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts, MCTs, raspberry ketones and coconut oil, KETO WEIGHT
LOSS™ can help your body use fat for energy, increase mental focus, boost endurance and even help control hunger.
The BPI Sports supplement offers a smooth release of energy, so you can perform at your best for longer. No worries
about the jitters or the crash, the KETO WEIGHT LOSS™ formula can be taken in the morning or before your workouts
to give you the boost you need for increased productivity.


BHB Salts
BHB is crucial in helping you save your hard earned muscle mass and not burning it away as fuel during workouts. By
helping to maintain your blood sugar levels with BHB, your body is less likely to turn to muscle and glucose for energy
during workouts and will instead turn to cellular energy and ketone bodies produced from fatty acids. This is extremely
important for when you are dieting and in a caloric deficit.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)
Some studies have shown that medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), found in oils such as coconut oil, can help in the
process of excess calorie burning, resulting in weight loss.

Caffeine is a staple ingredient in numerous fat burners since it’s a stimulant that helps burn excess body fat through
thermogenesis. In turn, your body temperature increases and so does your metabolism. With caffeine, your body burns
calories faster and you can achieve more focus for better performance.

Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry ketones stimulate your metabolism to promote fat loss and aid in preventing weight gain.

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