1 Effective exercise for Full body #fatburning #corestrenthening | #Mountainclimbers | Saravanan

1 Effective exercise for Full body #fatburning #corestrenthening | #Mountainclimbers | Saravanan

Mountain Climbers are the more underrated, Underutilzed core exercise which involves your complete body and strengthens all yous Abs muscles.

It increases your #metabolism also giving a boost to your workouts.

This is one of the best #Fatloss #Fatburning exercise you are looking for.

So am sharing you the correct technique and possible wrongs to avoid in doing this exercise.


Hi everyone, am Saravanan – Holistic Strength and Fitness Coach. I have an Experience of working in Fitness Industry for more than 7 years now.

Am specialized in Pain management, Rehab exercises and Posture corrections exercises with other Weight loss and Strength building.

You can follow in Instagram page for various workouts

And I run a YouTube Channel – DR Fit Chennai

for spreading more awareness on What is Fitness and Why is it so Important ?

Also I share lot of Knowledge regarding Fitness which I have gained through all these years.

Few Highlighted Video links I have shared here

Fitness for people over 50 age

Find your Body Balance with simple techniques

How NOT to sit on a Chair without Back pain and Neck pain

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