"NARUTO" lo-fi hiphop mix [study/homework/sleep/relax music]

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🎧 lofi beat mix 🎧
beat type : lo-fi hiphop, chillhop, trap
Naruto remix Lo-Fi hiphop & chill music mixtape,
for working, studying, reading, sleeping, gaming. Enjoy here 😆

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” NARUTO Lofi HipHop Mix ”

📝 Full tracklist
0:00 Naruto Shippuden – Rainy Day (Never Perfect Remix)
02:00 aekasora – nindō
04:11 Naruto – Kimimaro’s Demise (ÆkaSora Remix)
07:58 Nomedbeats – Naruto Blue Bird Hip Hop Remix
11:40 André Valentim Tomas – Sadness And Sorrow(Naruto Lo – Fi Remix)
14:28 aekasora – Naruto Rainy Day Hip Hop Instrumental
22:03 aekasora – Naruto + Fairy Tail Hip Hop Mashup (ÆkaSora Remix)
25:56 aekasora – Naruto Shippuden Hip Hop Remix (Prod. by ÆkaSora)
28:54 RŮDE – Naruto – Yamagsumi (RUDE Remix)
32:18 Valke – Naruto Shippuden – Seeking Answers (DirtyKidBasel Remix)
36:46 Naruto – Loneliness (Riki リキ Remix)
39:55 Naruto- Neji’s Theme (Wolfe Remix)

🎵 Support the beatmakers (Never Perfect) (ÆkaSora) (NomedBeats) (André Valentim Tomas) (RŮDE) (Valke) (Riki リキ) (The Official Wolf-3)

🎨 Art work by OxeloN

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Naruto lofi hiphop mix
Naruto lo-fi hiphop mix
Naruto lowfi hiphop mix
Naruto low-fi hiphop mix
Naruto lofi hip hop mix
Naruto lo-fi hip hop mix
Naruto lowfi hip hop mix
Naruto low-fi hip hop mix

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