✩ HOME BAKING VLOG PT. 1 ✩ Watch me grow my little home business!

Hello! ・:*:・゚

This video and the next few are just the main glimpse of how I spent most of my quarantine, building up my little home business. I’ve always wanted to share my baking life at home and document my growth, so hopefully starting now is better than starting never.

I have mentioned on my social media page and i’ll mention it again, but I started super small and I’ve received tremendous support from my friends & family and I couldn’t be more grateful for it all. My small little home business will slowly thrive all thanks to everyone’s love & support!

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✩ Tune in the NEXT video for second part of my orders. Keep watching my vlogs to see more stuff such as, how I make my stickers, my insta posts, and how I package my orders!

✩ Also, please don’t mind all the time lapse, for now I wanted to document almost the entire process and see how it goes in future videos from there! Let’s grow together!
Hello everyone!
This video is the first of many in showing you how my weekly life has
been like since starting up my little home business!
These vlogs aren’t anything special since video editing
isn’t much of what I do, but I really wanted to use this as a source of
documenting my growth, with not only my passion for
pastries but this account as well. I’ve enjoyed it a lot so
far, so I hope you guys enjoy watching these too!
This week, I was thinking of adding new items to my current menu,
which are specialty cake slices!
So what I first need to do is prepare for a tasting
Basically, I make them alongside my other orders and give them out
to family and friends whom I know can simply be honest about the new items
and if I get good feedback, then I announce them to my
usual regulars and the public
Here, I am preparing to make a coconut chiffon cake, I
wanted to use real coconuts for the cake so I’m starting
out by cracking open some
This is probably only my 2nd or 3rd time ever doing this
so I had a bit of a hard time HAHA
I’m planning on adding 3 cakes to the menu. Flavors being,
coconut, strawberries n’ cream, and then a soft cream coffee cake
Now that I’ve gotten all the water out, I’m going to string
the coconut for the filling of the cake.
But we just need to crack the coconuts in half first!
This is a really cool tool my mom has a had for a long
time already and i’ve barely put it to good use just now
It has these little holes where if I just run it through the
meat of the coconut, it’ll string it easily
This is my favorite part!
Now moving on to the actual coconut chiffon
Once I’ve baked off this cake, i will go ahead and continue baking off
a vanilla chiffon and a coffee chiffon for the other two
The yolk cracked 🙁
Now typically, I wouldn’t mind doing all this the day
before the actual delivery date, because I like to have all
my pastries be as fresh as possible
But I had quite a bit of orders this time so I decided to split the prep
within 2 days
I actually started today’s prep quite late during the day
because I was lazy in the morning, so I’ll see what I can
get done for the rest of the night
But the original plan was to get all 3 cakes baked, cut,
and wrapped. And then my coconut filling, so that’s what
I for sure have to get done today!
Meringue time 🙂
I didn’t have to use such a big mixer but I had just used
my smaller one for something else
and I wanted to save some time so I figured why not ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Now that I’ve gotten everything folded together, I’m now
splitting the batter between two 6″ round pans
then I tap out some air, then bake!
I always make sure to take the cakes out at least 5 minutes after
cooling so that the inside of the pans don’t get too moist
Once I’m done, I wait for it to cool then proceed to wrap
and store for tomorrow!
The I repeat with a vanilla chiffon and a coffee chiffon!
After showering and everything, I figured wrapping and
doing the filling will be it for the day
But I realized I had some time on my hands so I decided to finish off some other things today too!
Here, i am working on the coconut filling so I can pack
and chill for the final product tomorrow!
My favorite part about using fresh young coconut is it
just makes the entire tasting experience even better
from the aroma, to the texture, to the taste!
That’s why I am more than excited to announce this
than anything
Not to mention I get to crack open a coconut for the first time HAHA!
Since there’s cornstarch in here, this will definitely get
much thicker as it sits in the fridge overnight
Now that I’ve got my tasting prep done, on to my actual orders!
First thing on the list are my whole grain cookies, I have
6 orders to make today
I once almost took these off my menu, because customers didn’t
seem to show much interest to them
But once I managed to convince some people to try it, people have grown much fond
of it recently, which makes me super glad!
This flaky cookie contains lots!
In them, there are white and black sesame seeds, almonds,
coconut, sunflower seeds, and cashews
Once all scooped out, I flatten the cookie with a large
round spoon and then I top it off with whole almonds and cashews
Once cooled, I pack it up and dry-store it until packaging
My cakes have been given plenty of time to cool and
chill, so now I’m going to cut them in to their layers and
wrap it up for tomorrow
I don’t do cakes often, so I still consider myself pretty
foreign to icing and cutting cakes nice and evenly. But I
think I’ve improved a lot! And hopefully it will only get
better from there 🙂
The soft cream cake won’t have anything in the layers
other than the cream thats why I baked just a bit more of
it compared to the other two
Last thing for the day! Is my basque burnt cheesecake 🙂
Now surprisingly, this easily became one of the topsellers right away
because I believe that you can’t find it much anywhere?
Or that it’s possibly trending right where I’m at.
Whatever the reason is, it’s bringing me good money 🙂
Today I have 3 orders of these to make!
I didn’t plan on making this today, so I didn’t get a
chance to leave the cream cheese out to room temperature
long enough for my liking
So I had to scrape the bowl A LOT
Now I have to measure the batter evenly between each
parchment-line pan and its ready to bake!
The baking part of this is actually my least favorite part of this process
because reaching in and out of the oven to rotate the
tray or even taking it out, literally BURNS since the temperature is so hot…
and it’s done!
Now once this is cooled, I’ll wrap it and keep it chilled in the fridge overnight!
So tune in for the next vlog for my next part of orders, and my finished cakes!