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How to Verify In Pi Network?
Verify telephone account

The verification for US and UK is very easy, just goto settings / profile/ phone, and push verify

*Before you begin, check you don’t have a facebook account. Facebook accounts are verified automatically.
~ Go to Settings / profile. If you see N/A, then u have a facebook account. You don’t have to do anything anymore, READY!
* If for some reason, phone verification should not work, there is allways the alternative facebook verification.
You can find this in Settings/ profile.

– Goto home page. Top left, you see 3 horizontal stripes. This is settings.

Click settings

– “Account verification”: “Phone verification”, you see a button “Verify”

– push it

– In the bottom of this window, you see”Manual instructions”

– push it

You see 4 numbers: these 4 numbers are the message you will send.

– Or you use a USA number, or you use a UK number. Advised is choosing the nearest to your location

(example) – Copy the UK number (+44772347314)

(* If this doesn’t work, use the USA number+16508220314)

​- Goto messages in your phone, make a new message(SMS), the receiver is +44772347314 (notice + sign),
the message insid is the 4 numbers you saw previous. Send this message

(* Make sure your telephone provider allows you to send a SMS message to UK or USA. The charges depend on your phone provider, PI Network does not earn these costs.

– You do not receive a sms message back!

– close all pages, go back to settings / profile.

– In”Account verification”, “phone verification”, you see a green V, you are verified!

​* In rare times, it can happen that the server takes more time, so wait like 10 minutes to let the verification happen.

​ * If you are not verified, you are not known by the server where the simulation happens,and your pi does not exists.
Do not run the risk of loosing your pi, by loosing your phone, breaking it… Verify as quickly as possible!

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