▓ 9 Minute Workout – HIIT Full Body Fat Burning Session

9 Minutes is all you need for this HIIT style workout with plyo and abs. Designed to burn the most body fat possible in less than 10 minutes. This Fat Burning routine will totally rock you. Effective time saver full body Workout is designed to get your heart rate up quick and take you to the next level.

Provided by Level 9 Fitness, Long Beach CA Personal Trainers

Try this super short but very tough fat burner High Intensity time saver workout. It can be done anywhere as a home workout, outdoor exercise session or even at the office. The quick workout is all time-based so it’s not about reaching a certain rep count before you move on. Ideal for fat burning, weight loss and muscle building. Just do your best working out for 30 seconds per exercise, times 2 sets.

Plus you get a bonus meltdown of additional plyometrics and ab work.

Level 9 Fitness offers all types of personal training and boot camp group exercise in Long Beach CA.

USE CAUTION and GOOD JUDGEMENT with this or any work out session. Know your limits and stay hydrated. If you’re new to high intensity interval training or fast paced exercise take it slow at first.

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