घरसे ये छोटी मशीन लगाकर कमाए 2000 Rs प्रतिदिन😍NEW😍| new business ideas 2020 | small business ideas

Title :- घरसे ये छोटी मशीन लगाकर कमाए 2000 Rs प्रतिदिन😍NEW😍| new business ideas 2020 | small business ideas
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Hello everyone ! my name is Darshan Rajput and I have started this channel to make you aware and who want to start new business in 2019 in manufacturing field.
In this video I had covered a profitable business idea in india which you can start this business from home and can start as small scale industry in india. This new business idea is a low investment high profitable business, this buisness is for women too. This business is recognise as small scale business idea in india. Where the product from this machine can be supllied in near by hotels. Toady in this video i will show manufacturers guide agarbatti manual machine or Manufacturing Guide manual agarbatti machine in this video.
This business is can be start in low investment in india and this business idea is for women too. This business idea in 2019 is very low risk low competition business in 2019.
Business ideas i had shared is totally in hindi and business ideas in hindi is relatable to indian public.
this business is about business where in this video i had talked about Starting Aggarbatti Business at home .

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‘Friends welcome to my channel manufacturer’s guide where more than 10,00,000 people has given love to our channel
so I thank them all.I try to bring low investment business ideas as well as provide you with all the business details.
So as usual I have brought a new business opportunity
where I’ve come to Allahabad, Varanasi at Ehsan Enterprises to meet Ehsaan sir
and Sir has brought a new business opportunity which will be launched for first time through our channel.
I bring such business ideas through my channel, subscribe to my channel,
and do like the videos so that I get motivation to bring such new business ideas for you.
And our today’s target of likes is 50,000 likes.
So let’s know from sir that what is this new business idea, which we can start with low investment.
Hello, Sir.
Hello sir, how are you?
‘Sir, our viewers through emails, messages,
comment box keep on asking me
about business opportunities which can be started in low investment
or if there is any big investment or project then how can we do that with small investment.
So tell us about your company and what is your business idea’
First of all I would like to thank you for coming to our company
My company that is Ehsaan enterprises is situated in-between Varanasi, Allahabad district and Bhadori district.
We do machine manufacturing and has brought such business idea,
we have manufactured a machine which you must have never seen or thought of whether it is there or not
and also with very low investment business.
Our company has brought this machine in very low cost
that you will think how it is possible and I think you should start with small machine,
gain customer, develop your shop
and as your business grows then buy big machine.
Our company will also give you big machine.
And before doing big investment if you do small investment’
It is better.
You will get idea of market
You will get idea.
And with more confidence you can start big businesses
our manual machines are made in India and the product which you will make will also be made in India. It is a big benefit that India will develop.
When our nation develops we also develop.
‘So in further video sir will show us demo about how this machine will be launched for first time,
how to make product, what raw material to use, how to do marketing, how much will be the profit margin and making cost. Sir will tell us in detail,
do watch till end so that you will know the business details and don’t miss anything.
So sir tell us the details.’
Sir, I will take you to machine.
Hello friends, I have come to the factory,
I will tell you the process of making the
product, what is the raw material,
I will show you the process.
Friends you have to take the weighing machine like this,
you can also take bigger than this to weigh.
we use it for weight
First of all take a bucket or vessel as you like,
to make the product firstly mix the premix powder,
you can see the premix powder.
which I am going to add
It is 500 grams,
then we will mix josh powder 30 grams,
you can see josh powder is mixed in this.
First mix it well and then add water.
You can see it is getting mixed so easily.
After that we will add water. Be careful about the weight while adding water in product.
Friend, you can see we are adding water into product
After adding water mix it well using hands,
it is getting ready to make our product.
Similarly like you make a dough’
Friends now you can see out material is ready.
It looks like a ball; it is similar to dough.
You can see the material is ready.
In this way you have to make this
Now I will show which other raw material you will need with this.
This is the first chemical, this is the second chemical
and you have to mix them both.
I am going to show
Friends now both the chemicals are mixed and it is ready in bucket,
you can take any vessel.
Its ready
Before making the product let me tell you about the machine.
This is a manual machine. 1 person can work on it for 12-13 hours, 20 hours, 24 hours, as he wish.
It is operated by this pedal
It is a simple machine. Its weight is around 80kg-1 quintal.
You can easily make product by this machine.
You can attach this machine at your home in small place of 10 by 10.
Now I will show you the product.
Friends, In this way you have to cut the raw material.
After cutting it put it into the machine.
You can put upto 600-700 grams of raw material into the machine at once.
‘So sir how much raw material will go in this?’
Sir, now we will put 500 grams raw material, as you can see we have already put inside and it is full now.
Now I will operate the machine and show you how the product is made
Friends you can see, in this way you have to rotate this,
after rotating you have to put this lock.
Now I will show how product is made.
Now I will show how product is made. Now take this type of stick. You will easily get it in the market, we also have these sticks.
Put the stick in this machine and press the pedal.
you can see the material is coming out and it is ready.
Now your scented sticks are ready.
But the scented sticks are not completely ready.
Now I will show you how the sticks become scented.
The scent is yet to apply on it. When you burn this stick at your home the scent comes out.
will show you that process of applying scent.
Sir, what is the calculation of the waste?’
You can put this product again into the machine for reusing it. There will be no waste.
Now you can see the scented sticks are ready.
You have to tie it with rubber band. You can tie around 100-150 sticks as much as possible. Bend this and tie it in this way.
Now take this to bucket of chemical and dip
it into the chemical of scent for 10-20 seconds.
After that remove it from bucket and keep it aside in other bucket in this way.
Wait for some time so that the scent spreads till bottom.
Dry it for 1-1.5 hours. After drying it will become like this.
These are already made scented sticks.
After drying there comes packaging
like how to do packaging. This type of packet,
you will easily get into market.
If we don’t get this will you provide?’
Yes we will provide but it is available everywhere in market.
You have to do packing in this.
Now comes how much sticks to put in, you can put any number of sticks as you want, 12 pieces -20-25-50-10, rate depends on it.
Now I will put 12 pieces into it, you can easily count 12 pieces.
Now put them into this.
You can see now it is ready.
After that you can see this box. You can easily make this from market.
It comes in small as well as big size.
Now you have to put this into this by keeping in mind the cost.
Now I have put this in box and it is ready to sell in market.
This box is of other brand; you can do branding of your own and make your own packaging.
‘So sir now we have made scented sticks in this small machine.
Now tell us about the cost and margin’
Sir in this machine, if a person works for 12 hours, then 10-12 kg scented sticks can be manufactured.
In 1 kg there will be more than 1000 sticks.
If you are making this type of packet then its upto you how much sticks to pack whether 12-15-25, every company packs different number of sticks.
Suppose if you put 20 sticks, then its MRP is around Rs.10-12
and the cost is around Rs.4.5-5 and in wholesale you have to sell it for Rs.6.5-7.
Shop keeper will sell this at a profit of Rs.3.
This is your cost and profit.
So sir, now I have made this. But how to do its marketing and how much will be the profit margin, how much can I earn?’
Sir as you know scented sticks are used everywhere, in temple, mosque, and church.
If someone opens shop in morning he uses scented sticks,
every grocery shop, wholesale shop, any shop sells it.
you can sell hear easily.
It has huge demand.
People of every religion use it.
So friends after doing the whole process of manufacturing one thinks about how much profit will I earn.
If you use this small machine you can earn minimum 50000-60000 every month.
The more products you make more the profit,
it depends on you, how much you manufacture, how you do marketing,
how much you sell. Income depends on sales. You can earn minimum 50000-60000 in starting,
later you can go above this.
After this you can use big machine as you extend yourself in market.
We also have big machines.
If you feel you want to increase your production’
Yes if you want to increase production we have big machines.
So sir one main thing, what is the price of this machine, how much investment will be required to start this business?’
Sir the investment is very low; you have to invest
only Rs.32500 + 18% GST separate.
Along with this machine you will get GST licence + 1kg raw material so that you can start with selling and marketing easily.
Charges of raw material vary, which you can ask us on call.
So if you want to start business of scented sticks in low investment,
I have given number of sir on screen and also number and address in description box.
You can contact him personally or through call for details.’