कम बजट में बड़ी बचत | Screen Printing Business at Home | Screen printing business start up cost

Starting your own screen-printing business can prove to be a lucrative endeavor. Customized imprinted Invitation cards, T-shirts, banners, visiting cards, bags and other items are purchased by businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, sporting leagues and a variety of other industries. Retail shops resell their personalized items for a profit, while other companies may use them for branding and advertising purposes. It’s important to develop the skill of screen-printing to make quality prints that look sharp and last through a number of laundry cycles. You need the proper amount of training and practice before you sell your first item.
A screen printing business specializes in printing images on invitation cards, t-shirts or other items of clothing. There is flexibility to operate such a business completely online or via a traditional store. The store may also offer pre-set options for images and phrases as well as allowing customers to submit their own designs. The ability of such a store to create t-shirts for schools and businesses also provides a great way to build community spirit, and also for paper printing.
Learn from this video how to start your own Screen printing Business and whether it is the right fit for you.

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